JAL company is private, 100% Omani-owned company, founded in 2008, Located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. With an international outlook and global ambitions, the aim is to contribute and provide excellent services and products to the industries we serve.
Over 8 years ago, Jal Technology has proven that we are one of the best GIS consulting firms. We have successfully completed all of our projects on time and on budget, gaining experience, developing expertise, and gaining the ability to execute projects in a professional manner.
It has technical partnership with the best International companies in the GIS domain worldwide to offer Premium Services in GIS technology to our customers.
It solve their clients’ technology problems by providing on-time and on-budget GIS services and technical support.
JAL Technology possess entrepreneurial spirit and bravery in GIS field, referred to the local level and the highest level in the region.
On May 2014 JAL Technology got an Award of large Consultancy contract to setup Spatial Data Infrastructure from National Center for Statistics and Information

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